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Here's Why Ministries and Top Consulting Firms Trust Us

In a world where access to almost any information is just a click away, maintaining strong standards of information security becomes the foundation of a long-lasting association with our clients. We, at EZ, strongly value the decision of our clients, as to who should access what information. We also ensure that the information shared with us, by our clients, is kept confidential and secure. 




How did we gain the trust of Ministries and Top Consulting Firms?

  • We competently distinguish between data privacy and information security, and address their respective concerns accordingly: while data privacy is concerned with the rights of individuals or an organization, with respect to their information, information security deals with protecting information from any unauthorized third-party or malicious attacks and exploitation

We have identified three elements that are critical to information security, namely, physical infrastructure, policies and procedures, and personnel training.

How do we maintain data privacy and information security at our Physical Infrastructure?

  • All physical access at EZ is defended with top-notch security. With biometric access control, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and data encrypted secure server rooms, our workspace is well-equipped to fight against all oddities. 
  • The grounds are covered to deal with mishappenings, like fire. 
  • The entire ecosystem at EZ operates on secure cloud servers, which only store essential minimal information. 
  • Our servers have advanced data encryption, and are subject to regular checks, to secure them from cyber attacks, and ensure that they function smoothly. 
  • The proprietary digital interfaces built to implement the workflows are only accessible through VPN and employee facial recognition, such that only assigned individuals can access the information. 
  • To ensure the integrity of data, client information is not downloadable, and can only be edited through interfaces that intelligently mask critical information.
  • Each endpoint device is secured with anti-virus software to prevent any kind of corruption of data. 
  • Data Loss Prevention is implemented to prevent anyone from coping or taking client information through USB ports or file transfer software. 
  • We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance and prevent any kind of breach of security. 

Our Policies and Procedures to maintain Information Security and Data Privacy

  • Individuals and organizations that work with EZ sign a non-disclosure agreement, stating that any intellectual information cannot be shared with a third party for any personal or professional purpose, even after severance. 
  • We, through our in-house technology tools, have digitized our workflows and secured our servers, such that our team members have controlled access to confidential information. 
  • Our access matrices are revised and reviewed periodically, in line with documented requirements.

Personnel Training to ensure data privacy and maintain high information security standards

  • Our employees, after getting on-board with us, are introduced to information security and data privacy, and are trained to maintain it.
  • Besides the Operations Department, other departments, like Technology and Innovation, Sales and Marketing, and Administrative and Human Resources, undergo this training, and it is a mandatory part of their induction.
  • Employees enter the digital ecosystem of our organization only after being inducted and trained on operation procedures and ways to maintain data privacy. 
  • We have regular refresher programs for our employees, to ensure that information security and data privacy are always on top of our minds, such that even the slightest possibility of human error gets eliminated.

It is for the combination of the above-mentioned measures, along with strict control procedures, constant monitoring and tracking, regular training and audits, that we were awarded an ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management Systems. Being a widely recognized and accepted information security standard that is maintained in many industries, this certification reinforces the security fortification already set in place by EZ. 


Our premium service quality, alert and impeccable 24/7 support, strict data privacy and protection policies, along with our ISO certification, have helped earned us our clients’ trust. From reputable multinational organizations to government agencies and ministries, all our clients have always felt secure about their data entrusted with us. Most of these organizations have stringent Information Security requirements, which we have been successfully meeting, in every onboarding audit. We live and breathe data security, and our procedures assure that no client information is public, even for marketing purposes. That is why they trust us, and we know you will, too.

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