The Secret Ingredient
In The Recipe Of Our High-Quality Output

Secret ingredients are the stuff of grandmas’ age-old recipes or their age-old wisdom. And we know this because that’s where we found ours. You might start thinking us to be crazy, talking about grandma’s recipes and secret ingredients where we must talk about technology and services. But let us take you down the memory lane and remind you what your grandma would have said about a thousand times when she was dictating her recipe… “listen...listen…” That’s right... listen... Well, we might not have taken the grandma’s recipe, but we learned the importance of listening.

Stepping into the world of business services providers, we realized that if we had to succeed and earn our customers’ trust, and most importantly earn our employees’ trust, we had to listen. And thus, we set up a system where we listen to our clients and our service experts. We take feedback. We give feedback. And we do both very seriously. We have created our niche in the market of business support services providers by delivering consistently high-quality work in the fastest possible time. And this has been possible only because of our secret ingredient!


If it is not apparent enough, we would have held back revealing our secret ingredient a little longer, but our secret is difficult to contain, for it is none other than feedback! Feedbacks from clients, feedback from people we work with, feedback for people that make us EZ! We take feedback from each of our clients, no matter how big or small the assignment is. And we make sure that the feedback is incorporated into our system and we work on it. Our digitized workflows allow us to retain specific feedback and suggestions from our clients which we incorporate in our future assignments as well. This way, we keep correcting and updating ourselves, making ourselves better each time. The best example that illustrates this is our glossary of terms preferred by our clients in translation.

Since it is from the very beginning, from the onboarding stage that we are extremely particular about who works with us, the process of feedback starts from the very first step. Feedback is mandatory for all services and service experts, with the purpose of building capacities of the people, of the service experts, that we work with. The feedback is analyzed to highlight the strengths of our experts. Take our market research experts for instance. Somebody’s forte may be the European Technology sector, while somebody else’s maybe Telecom User behavior. Our feedback system not only distinguishes them based on their area of expertise but also makes it easier for our Operations Team to assign them to work that best suits their area of interest and competence. With the regular feedback, our endeavor is to constantly improve and elevate the deliverable capacities of our experts. And by doing so, we ensure that we maintain the high quality we promise. We firmly believe that the growth of the company and its service experts is dependent on each other. This is why this feedback system is a dynamic one where the service experts also get an opportunity to receive financial benefits depending upon their performance.

Let us explain this system a bit in some detail and we start at the starting. The feedback system is bipartite. The first part involves taking feedback from each client, as mentioned above, and then incorporating those feedback into our future assignments, wherever required. For us, clients’ feedback is absolutely essential to be able to maintain the high-quality output that we promise. The second part involves an internal system of feedback. Within the second part, at the beginning itself, there are three stages in the process of on-boarding. The first includes tests in respective services for evaluation. Approximately, out of the thousand candidates that take this test, we shortlist 20-25. These candidates are promoted to the second stage to undergo intensive pilot programs, where they are assigned smaller, but varied types of work. Among all those who undergo the pilot program, on the basis of their performance, we select a handful of people who finally join us as full-time experts. This process of training tests not only the service provider’s hold on their area of expertise but also their willingness to do things in a new and different manner, to comply with the company’s standards and expectations. You may wonder where the feedback system comes to play here. Well, during their tests and training, the candidates are given feedback and ratings, which categorizes their expertise and its level. Some of the factors that make or break a rating once the expert has been taken on board are the delivery time taken by them, their availability to do a certain job and of course, the quality of their work. These ratings are reviewed regularly; in fact, on each of their assignments, and it helps the service experts to identify any gap in their work and improve on it accordingly.


Now, you may ask next how this system helps the Operations Team though. Every individual on every project is given feedback, apart from the overall project rating. As mentioned earlier, the feedback allows them to judge a certain service provider and assign them to work accordingly. This not only accelerates the process but also ensures that we maintain high-quality output. Furthermore, accessibility to the feedback given to the service providers allows the Operations Team to schedule any kind of training required for them to overcome their shortcomings. For the Quality Team, on the other hand, the feedback brings clarity on and visibility of a certain service provider’s expertise, allowing them to handle critical projects without losing the consistently high-quality output that we promise.

With this secret ingredient, we at EZ Works, ensure that each and every service expert that we on-board, deliver the best output while maintaining the delivery time. For, as our experts grow, we grow. And it is because of this secret ingredient that our clients have come to trust us blindly. So, next time your grandma is telling you a recipe, listen, because that is what keeps you at the top.

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