First Impression Is The Last Impression

Remember the school days when we, as kids, would make project files using the best quality paper, with margins on sides, and use multi-colored pencils and glitter pens to decorate them, to get extra marks for neatness and presentation? Ever since our childhood, we have been told to be the best version of ourselves, and create a lasting impression.


As presentation design service providers, EZ recognizes the importance of first impressions. We understand the field of our clients, and their intention and purpose, which enables us to create the right presentation for them. We have a dedicated team of presentation designers, who are proficient and experienced. We use appropriate designs and infographics, convey information in the most comprehensive and precise manner, and help our clients draw the interest of their audience.

Flipping & Formatting

We understand how dreary last-minute flipping and formatting can be, especially for translated documents and presentation slides. Hence, we flip and format documents and presentations, correct their alignment, ensure that they adhere to the prescribed templates, and provide branding and styling guidance, too.


We, at EZ, pay strong attention to detail. We ensure that the little yet significant things, like font and alignment, are in accordance with the prescribed format, such that consistency is maintained.


We develop content for our clients’ business needs and create high-end visuals for maximum engagement and impact. When it comes to advanced presentation designing, we restructure content, create templates, use handwritten inputs, and include elements and details, such as iconography, dynamic charts, and graphs.


This includes animations, transitions for smooth story-telling, and dynamic content to add more visual appeal to presentations, for websites, pitches, conference, training, and more.


Why Choose Us?

EZ produces millions of slides every month, and each of these slides is attested for quality by our in-house master designers and subject matter experts. What’s more? We provide presentation designing services in all business languages for our top global clientele. 

Our presentation design rests on five important pillars, which are given below: 


  • Wide Range of Subject Matter Experts
  • Our team isn’t just experts in design, but also has a good command over all facets of business, enabling us to make impactful presentations that are factually correct.
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Our service and subject matter experts are placed across the globe, enabling us to design presentations in all the business languages. Their diverse geographical locations and nativity bring a high degree of cultural sensitivity to their work and are visibly reflected in our designs.
  • Information Security
  • EZ is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization that strongly values confidentiality. Our clients share a lot of information with us, both personal and professional, for their presentations. We through our robust digitized workflow, with secure portals, manage our assignments and keep all the information shared with us securely.

  • Round the Clock Availability.
  • With more than a hundred designers across multiple time zones, we are available 24x7, throughout the year. Our quick response to clients’ requests, and speedy delivery of assignments, without diluting the quality of our work, makes us stand apart.
  • Faster than the Fastest
  • We have a 10:20:30 thumb rule. As soon as our Operations team receives clients’ requests, we respond within 10 minutes. Our Operations Team, then, sends out an acknowledgement receipt within 20 minutes, and within 30 minutes, our presentation designers begin working on the presentation. Our proprietary collaborative tools enable our designers to work with subject matter experts, and the whole process is overseen by the Quality Assurance Team. The Operations team manages the entire workflow and delivers the assigned work in time.

Be it format, font, content, iconography, or medium, for a presentation to be comprehensive and clear, everything must be precise and in accordance with the best practices. We, at EZ, understand the needs of our clients, and represent them visually, in the most impactful way, enabling our clients to communicate with their audience, as we connect with them. Interested in working with us? Click on the tab below, now.

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