Are you attending to a client whose language you don’t speak?

Are you out on the field for a research project and do not speak the local language?

Are you organizing a multilingual conference and need all your delegates to follow the presentations closely?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, you have come to the right place! Oftentimes, people overlook the fact that translation is not just a literary thing. More often, it has got to do with interpretation as well, and there may be a big difference between the two. While a translation is expected to convey the speaker/author as is, in interpretation, one may take the liberty to paraphrase the speaker/author to convey their speech/writing in the best possible manner to the target audience.

At EZ, along with our translation services, we also offer top-notch Interpretation Service. As mentioned above, the skill of interpretation requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject and the context so that the target audience is provided with the interpretation that is desired by the client. It is absolutely essential that the interpreters do not mix the interpretation with their own biases. This is why, we at EZ Works, have an especially trained team of interpreters spread across the world who not only convey the matter between the client and their target audience but do so without compromising with the expected impact. What’s more, the Interpretation Service comes along with all the promised features of EZ Works -

In fact, we provide customized live as well as simultaneous interpreting services. There are three categories of interpretation service with us:

i. Remote Interpreting, where the client is assigned fully qualified interpreters who best fit our client’s requirements, in terms of technical and functional expertise and native language context. This service is available at 60 minutes’ notice.

ii. In-Person Interpreting, where senior expert linguists of all major languages are available at 24 hours’ notice at the client’s venue. In this category of service, we also offer technical and functional expertise tailored to our client’s needs.

iii. Event Interpreting, where senior expert linguists of all major languages are available at 24 hours’ notice at the client’s venue, along with the equipment required for live interpreting support and simultaneous language channels as per the client’s needs.


So, if you were skeptical about that multilingual conference you always wanted to organize, or if you are stuck on a field project due to a language barrier, click on the tab below and we’ll help you customize an interpretation service that best suits your requirements in no time!

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