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That's How We Work at EZ

Rome may not have been built in a day, but what about your presentation? What about the audio-visual content you promised your client for the next meeting? In a competitive market, where high quality is an obvious expectation, speed is the deciding factor. Services such as presentation designing, graphic designing, research and analytics, and translation among others, require time if one is to do justice to the content. How does one, then, work to deliver in a short time frame?


A common solution for faster output in the market is to split an assignment across multiple subject matter experts. But the challenge with this approach is maintaining consistency, thereby compromising the quality of output. To overcome this challenge, clients sometimes divide an assignment into different tasks - e.g., research, creation of infographics, presentation design, etc, and then each task is assigned to its respective expert. While this solves the problem of turnaround time, consistency of output quality continues to be a challenge. In fact, the approach adds a new layer of complexity, as coordinating between all the respective experts adds to the client's responsibilities.

We, at EZ Works, have devised systems and workflows that address these challenges and promise the shortest delivery time without compromising on the quality of the output. Our first response to an assignment is our 10-20-30 thumb rule, wherefrom the moment a request is received, the first acknowledgment is sent within 10 minutes, followed by a confirmation email with delivery time in 20 minutes, and then, the service starts within 30 minutes. This rule is applicable to all the services that we offer, albeit the individual process of each service depends on the assignment.


What makes our 10-20-30 thumb rule so efficient and successful, is our dense and globally spread network of service experts and subject matter experts on the ground. This globally laid out web of experts shortens the turnaround time in more ways than one. First, their expansive geographical placement makes us available 24 x 7 x 365 in all time zones. We are invariably always online, without exhausting our human resource. This is also possible because we always have a team of experts in reserve so that in case all our active experts have been assigned work, this team can take over any new assignment.


Second, because of this widespread presence of our experts, we call ourselves globally local. That is, while we are out on the international platform, we are equally grounded in local spheres, capable of immediately understanding a client’s requirements and expectations. The knowledge of local context everywhere reduces the time taken for ideation before the commencement of an assignment. Additionally, our subject experts have expertise in diverse industries and functions, allowing us to fasten the process of assigning work to relevant experts. Once our operations team quickly assigns work to the best fit expert, the further processes are automatically streamlined and organized, and require lesser time, without diluting the quality of the work.



In addition to our large network of service providers and subject matter experts, our employment of advanced technology is an important factor in making us the fastest business support services provider. What is this advanced technology and how we use it, you may ask? There are multiple ways in which advanced technology has reduced our turn-around time to enable us to be the fastest. The very first place whereConversation between an operations associate and a client regarding a client request advanced technology is used is in automating mundane tasks. For example, the Neural Network based machine translation system paired with project-specific translation memory and domain-related glossaries offer suggestions for simple phrases to speed up the process of translation. Simply put, our use of advanced technology is to make our superhumans even more efficient!


Secondly, the moment the work is assigned, our proprietary collaborative tools permit our service and subject matter experts to work simultaneously on an assignment. With this tool, we eliminate the time usually taken for quality assurance, editing, feedback, etc. When a team of experts works simultaneously on an assignment, right from ideation to final touches, everything is done parallelly, without going through the process of circulation from one expert to the other. Our collaborative tools enhance the efficiency of our expert’s manifolds.


Third, we use technology to create templates for different stages of the work. From its structure to the feedback, we have created templates that our experts use to maintain the uniformity, and standardize the process. Needless to say, this effectively reduces the time taken to finish an assignment. Basically, creating a system where work is relayed from one expert to the next without compromising on the quality. Our translation service is one of the best examples to understand our use of technology. In the usual circumstance, a translator is able to translate around 2000 words per day. Some service providers double this output by appointing parallel translators. We, on the other hand, have been easily able to turn around 10,000 words' translation in a day's time! And as far as large assignments are concerned, we have set a personal record of delivering 100,000+ words in a single week! And we can do all of this at a huge scale - we have developed our capacity to deliver more than 10mn words (and counting) per month.


Transitioning from a young start-up to an established business service provider company, EZ Works has grown at a tremendously fast speed, quite like how we deliver our assignments. The numbers we put up are off the charts. Our capacity to deliver 100+ million words in a year is a feat we are proud of but not the limit we have set for ourselves. We are always available to provide the best and the fastest results without compromising on quality because leading the industry have taught us that time make or breaks the situation and we have none to spare. That is why we speak to our clients within hours, not days.

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