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In a decade or even less, the world has shrunk to be such a small place that it may fit on just your fingertip. In such a time, it is obvious that communication between people across the world has increased manifold and in various media too. Consequently, it has become essential that whatever media you choose to communicate in, it stays with the recipient, be it a business client, a government agency, or your university. Your communication cannot just be one that conveys your point, but one that does so impactfully and precisely. And this is where EZ comes to your service. Being in the business support services industry, we recognize all that goes behind the curtains as far as communication and its media are concerned. Be it translation, interpretation, voice-over, localization, etc., we have an entire gamut of service experts who are relentlessly working towards making sure that you are able to communicate with your audience without any hindrance. We strongly believe that in today’s time, language should not be a barrier to grow, spread and of course, communicate. This is why, at EZ, we have a panorama of Language Services that will cover all your needs. Not to mention, these services come wrapped in the packaging of Consistently High-Quality Output, Faster than the Fastest Service and a Global Network of Service and Subject Matter Experts.

Now you may wonder what all services fall under this canopy of Language Services. Allow us to throw some light.

Translation and Proofreading Service

EZ came into this industry through its translation services. And today, we offer translation and proofreading services across the globe in all business languages. Our large network of service experts covers the entire world, which not only makes us available for any volume of work, but also makes us available round the clock. Furthermore, the fact that our service experts are so well spread, they also bring an acute understanding of their respective local contexts, making the translations accurate and contextual for its target audience. It has created a niche in the market through its top-notch Arabic translation services


Interpretation Services

Interpretation is very different from translation, although it may seem like it requires the same set of language skills. Interpretation is done for live conversations, speeches, and lectures. In interpretation, the service expert does not literally translate the patron or its audience, but makes sure that the content is conveyed to both the parties. Moreover, it requires listening, translating and speaking - all at the same time! In such a situation, often interpreters fall prey to their own opinions and choices. At EZ, all service experts are trained in such a way that their services remain impersonal and convey what needs to be conveyed to the audience, in the most precise form possible. Our service experts can be engaged in varied models for interpreting purposes. From remote interpretation on an hourly basis, to hiring a team of service experts to live interpret an event, along with required equipment, we offer a wide variety of engagement models to suit our clients’ needs.


Transcription & Subtitling Services

Although transcription and subtitling are related to video production, the services require an expert in language skills. At EZ, we offer transcription and subtitling services in all major business languages. We also use Artificial Intelligence tools for subtitling. In both transcription and subtitling, even milliseconds matter. It needs to be made sure that the text fits the exact time frame of the respective audio/video clip. Our service experts are also experts in the technological aspect of the service and offer the best available service in the industry.


Voice-over Services

Voice Over is essentially a part of video production, but one that needs special language skills. For instance, if you are a firm that needs training videos, and need the narration of a specific kind, you need a voice over for it. Now, you may wonder how we come in here? Well, we not only can we serve a script for your video, but we also record it for you. And we do it in all major business languages! In fact, our service experts for voice over are trained to do the same for documentaries, short films or even feature films. Our service experts bring to you different accents and dialects, along with all the business languages. We guarantee clarity and correct pronunciation! In fact, we also offer artificially generated voice over for immediate deliverables.


Localization Services

Have a product that needs to be presented in a completely new region? Not to worry! Our localization service will help you target your specific region by helping you with the product’s look and feel that is most suited for the region. Through localization, you can capture the e-commerce market, apps/websites for specific regions and even games!! Be it in terms of language and dialects, or in terms of branding, our service experts can adapt your product in any setting you’d like and yet make it stand out amongst all!


Here is your one-stop-shop for all your language service requirements. Let us make your product exclusive and unique! With our services, you can reach a wider audience and create your own place in diverse regions and for diverse audiences! Let language be no for reaching out to as many people as you want!

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