The Mirror Image Is Better Than The Original Sometimes

With globalization and technological advancements we, humans, have overcome geographical barriers and come closer. Communication across regions, businesses, and governments has increased largely, and so has increased the media to communicate through. However, for such communications to happen effectively, it is vital that people overcome the barriers of language. EZ identified this problem and understood it better than anybody else. Hence, it invented EZ Flip, a digital tool that has revolutionized Business Support Services. It has made a drastic contribution in maintaining the quality of services provided by EZ, making it faster than the fastest.   

Why EZ Flip?

When EZ entered into the field of translation, it realized that the digital tools used to accomplish translation-related tasks were inefficient. For instance, when translating documents from or to languages, like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, and Persian, that are written right to left the visual layout of the document should be mirrored. But, there were no tools available to do this seamlessly, with precision, and in a short time.

How does EZ Flip Work?

The purpose of EZ Flip is to automate the task of flipping PPTx and Docx files. While it may seem an easy task, there is a complex algorithm behind it that makes it possible in such a short time.


  • The intelligent algorithm of EZ Flip mirrors documents at a click of a button. On average, a visual graphics expert takes 5-12 minutes to flip a basic slide, and 45-60 minutes to flip an advanced slide, with graphs and complex layouts.  With EZ Flip one can flip slides instantly, irrespective of the size and complexity of documents. It works the best with the latest versions of Windows and Office. EZ Flip is a digital tool, specifically designed to address PPTx and Docx files. 
  • Graphics and visuals are absolutely essential for the accurate representation of any information. Even a slight deviation can drastically alter the output and lead to miscommunication. Through EZ Flip, each element of a document is accurately repositioned automatically, without the designer having to individually decide their positions. 

What does EZ Flip Do?

At a click of a button, EZ Flip does three things, which are given below:


  • Moves all elements to their mirror positions.
  • EZ Flip intelligently decides to create mirror images of elements that require transformation. It flips the layout of the entire slide, like texts, bullets, shapes, flowcharts, arrows, boxes, and more, to mirror the original document.




  • Reverses the text direction
  • Arabic slides are originally from right to left. When translated into other languages, they are first reoriented to flow from left to right, which also involves flipping of bullets, numbering, indentation, and more, if any. Contrastingly, when English slides are translated to Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, or Persian, they are flipped from their original left to right orientation, to flow from right to left. EZ Flip does this reorientation effortlessly, retains text formatting, and eases the work of our service experts.



  • Intelligently flips certain elements horizontally
  • If a document is flipped from one orientation to the other and contains different elements, then EZ Flip identifies such elements and flips them to their relevant orientation. It intelligently places the images in their mirror positions. While it does not alter colors or font styles, it flips and moves graphs, charts, and shapes. 




Our team is tirelessly working to add support for plug-ins, such as Thinkcell.  EZ FLip and its magical functions have made the tasks of our translators and other service experts easier and faster. EZ Flip is no less than a revolution in technology, which is being employed for the purpose of translation and other such services. And, the fact that it was created and developed at Innovation Hub EZ Labs, makes us proud.


Our Digital Triumph is no simple feat. It has helped us keep our promise of delivering consistently high-quality output faster than the fastest.

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