Our Secret to Consistent High-Quality Services

Technology has brought us to the threshold of a variety of high-quality services. However, as a team of ex-consultants from top consulting firms, we have constantly found ourselves facing the challenge of getting consistently high-quality results in various business support services available in the market. We realized that high-quality results were not so challenging in case of long turnaround times. However, the same quality of results became almost impossible with short turnaround time. And even if one achieved it in short turnaround time, it was only a one-time feat. Our founder realized that there was no consistency in results when approached through the traditional models. This vacuum was seen as an opportunity to create a new and unique operating model that has achieved 99% positive feedback from our clients.




Be it one significant assignment or a batch of multiple small tasks, the EZ team is well trained to ensure that the output is consistent. Three core attributes drive this process; first, our dedicated team, second, our unique operating model, and third, intervention by advanced tech.



From managing resources, identifying their strengths to assigning work, every task is planned and streamlined to make the whole process highly efficient. Following is the tripod on which our promise of consistently high-quality service rests -


  • Team of Service Experts and Subject Matter Experts

Headed by leading experts and professionals based out of the Riyadh office in KSA and several others stationed at our Innovation Hub in Gurgaon, India, our team of service experts and subject matter experts are spread across the globe. Geographically widespread network of our experts allows us to function in all the time zones, making us globally local. It also gives us an upper hand in being true to the local context while navigating on an international parameter and scale.


Our team comprises experts from various industries, authorizing us to provide services in nearly every sphere. Their expansive and comprehensive range of expertise allows us to promise our clients work that is at par with their industrial understanding and expectations.


Another important feature of our service and subject matter experts’ team is the training that we give them, both during their recruitment and during the course of their employment. Our process of recruiting service and subject matter experts filters the candidates not only on the basis of their expertise in their respective fields but also their knowledge of the global market trends. They are selected on the basis of their performance during the process of recruitment which thoroughly assesses them. To make the whole output process systematic and organized, and to maintain the consistency of our high-quality work, we regularly train our experts even during the course of their service. Additionally, we have a system of evaluation and feedback in place, where each expert is evaluated on the basis of their assignments in real-time and thanks to our 24x7 online presence, immediate feedback is given to them. We are dedicated to constantly enhancing our performance and that's why even for our experts, we have a rating procedure in order.


  • Operations Team

The Operations Team is our engine that drives the delivery process. We like to describe it as an archive that keeps a record of all experts and their areas of expertise. This allows the Operations Team to divide the work strategically in order to deliver the best quality in the shortest time. Furthermore, this archival quality also helps us put a team of experts together in no time to get the best result for our clients. We know who works best with whom! This well-oiled machinery's role is to maintain a to and fro movement from answering our clients' requests to delivering files according to their needs and preferences, to efficiently handling sensitive information with the highest standards of data security. They intelligently streamline work and assign it to the subject matter experts.


  • Advanced Technology

It is with the use of advanced technology that our team of experts gives consistently high quality of work to our clients. Our use of advanced technology is most evident in our proprietary collaborative tools. Once our Operations Team assigns work to our experts, these collaborative tools assist them in not only automating the mundane tasks but also allow them to work on an assignment simultaneously, despite geographical distances. A perfect example is the Neural Network based machine translation system paired with project-specific translation memory and domain-related glossaries, which offer suggestions for simple phrases to speed up the process of translation. Another example of how advanced technology is used to eliminate human efforts on mundane tasks is “EZ Flip” – an intelligent tool for our VGA team, that efficiently flips and formats documents and presentations, cutting short hours of effort into mere minutes in case of English to Arabic Presentation formatting. Ultimately, we describe advanced technology as an assistive tool to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our service experts. Furthermore, the optimum use of advanced technology along with our proprietary digital workflow ensures the confidentiality of work.


And finally, what makes all these processes and attributes worthwhile is the delivery process at EZ Works, which is a symphony of artificial and human intelligence, problem-solving and superlative client service, entrepreneurial mindset, and adherence towards the process. This process is the IP we have built, adopted, and perfected since the day of our inception. This has been the mantra of our success so far, and our promise to our clients, for the future, is not just high quality by chance, but consistently high quality by design.

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