Audio - Visual (A/V) Podcast 101!

You would be lying to yourself if you say that you haven’t heard a random voice in the middle of your favorite song playing on your music app go like, “Listen to the weekly podcast” Have you ever listened to such a podcast, or have you ever wondered what a podcast actually stands for? If your answer is not quite optimistic, but you want to know more about this fancy term, then you have clicked on the right link. Here is a guide that will navigate you through the course of understanding what a podcast is, what an audio-visual podcast refers to, what are the emerging trends of video podcasting, and if you are in search of professional service providers to launch a podcast for you, then this is the article for you.

Podcast, Tell me what it is


Well, no worries, we are here for you. The term podcast clearly has the suffix cast in it, which simply means to project. A podcast is a series of voice broadcasting on specific channels over the internet. The podcast maybe some kind of discussion over a topic, some celebrity talk or simply a book read, but all of this has in common the element of being serialized and episodic. The innovative concept of reading an entire novel or book in the form of an audiobook has proved to be a blessing for book lovers. The podcasts essentially have a single speaker, but they may also have two or more people in the discussion. Podcasts are usually available for download for listeners to listen to them at their own convenience.


What is an Audio-Visual Podcast?


An audio-visual or A/V podcast is the archaic term for a video podcast. When it was first introduced around 2004, the screen mostly had a static picture that was relevant to the topic of the podcast. While the screen displayed the photo, the voice in the background continued to speak. Audio Visual podcasting has witnessed a revolution with the advent of technology like any other domain. Now the video has animations, infographics, screen records, etc. to make it look visually appealing. After all, 90% of data is processed in the form of visual content in the human brain and the immense progress in this domain shows the immense scope it holds for the future.


Audio/Visual Podcast: An Effective Tool or Powerful Weapon


Video podcasts and audio/visual podcasts have been receiving rave reviews from across the globe, especially during the current pandemic. It has become an effective tool for teachers who have been conducting online classes for quite some time now. Teachers tend to create basic video podcasts using diagrams, relevant pictures, or screenshots for their students. It makes the work easier on the part of the students as they can download these podcasts and re-listen to them.



For some, the audio podcast has also become a weapon (positive one of course!) which they have wielded to keep the ray of hope burning. Surveys show that many people have benefited from listening to the motivating speaker’s podcasts, acting as a buffer to survive the pandemic. For some, the video podcasts have worked as an inspiration to begin their own career, discover their latent talent or just for the feel-good factor. Pandemic or no pandemic, audiovisual podcasting is here to stay, and it set to revolutionize the entire world.


Emerging Video Podcast Trends to Swear By


There’s a popular video that is in circulation around the World Wide Web titled “Podcast is the FUTURE!” Indeed, it’s true. If you are someone who only laughs over intellectual jokes or a curious who wish to start their own podcast channel, the following trends are to look out for:


  • Being Unique Isn’t Awkward: Scan for the lacuna around you. There must be some unique topic that hasn’t been worked upon much. Podcast listeners are a dedicated and targeted set of audiences. So even if you don’t conform to the #popular series, you’ll be popular because of your uniqueness.
  • Know Your Taste, Listeners: If you are new in the world of podcasts and want to explore, you need to make sure that you recognize your taste well. Whether you have an inclination for history, poetry, celeb gossip, or audiobooks, you have multiple options available to you. Always remember, audio-video podcasts aren’t Instagram Reels which will be over in a jiffy. It will demand much of your attention so that you can engage and learn.
  • Trim, trim, trim: Even if your listeners are super dedicated, they are impatient. Hence, try and edit those portions which you think aren’t relevant to the topic. Keep miles away from digressing from the topic, nobody is interested to know about what happened to your boiled egg (unless that’s the topic)!
  • More Visuals, More Engaging: It’s needless to say that amazing visuals will only draw the attention of your audience. This is especially true in the case of audio-visual podcasts. Make use of the latest technology to create amazing visuals, but don’t forget to have a good script with it.
  • Catchy Intros: Although, it’s not a YouTube video where there is a mad race for grabbing audiences’ attention, yet having a catchy intro adds to your base. These intros sometimes become the catchphrase of the podcast, making it extremely popular.


What if I want professional results?


Did you know that various corporate multinational companies have their own radio channels where they host their company-related podcasts regularly? For example, an interview of a newly appointed employee, or some new product they have launched, or just some event celebrated in the office. These podcasts are a great way of spreading brand awareness and advertisement. I'm sure you're thinking about launching your very own podcast. And why not, it's a creative as well as an effective way to present your word. If your answer is a YES, then EZ has a plethora of audio-visual podcast services to offer.


Audio-Visual Podcast Services Offered by EZ


We at EZ have our own unique suite of services -


  • Voice Artists: A pleasant but firm voice with just the right kind of pronunciation can work wonders. These small things are taken care of by EZ wherein we provide you with what you are searching for. Our voice artists are trained and experienced in a particular field and strive to deliver consistently high-quality output.
  • Sound and Music Production: Good music has the capacity to instantly connect with the souls of the listeners. And if you have the apt music playing in your podcast, then it can make all the difference. Being able to communicate with the audience at a personal level is what every podcast maker is striving for. We at EZ promise the most felicitous deliverables and that too Faster than the Fastest.



Your wait is set to get over with this one more revelation. We offer all these services in all the major business languages. Yes! You read this right. And the cherry on the cake is the round-the-clock availability of our globally positioned subject matter experts. Visit our page and give us a chance to serve you.

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